Friday, April 15, 2016

Alternate Sisters of Battle miniatures.

Raging Heroes makes miniatures that can be used as GW's counterparts.  They launched 2 kickstarter campaigns now.  The first one had 3 alternate Astra Militarium armies you choose from.  The second one has Dark elves, Dark Eldar, a good counterpart to the dark elves (not sure what army to use them for) and Sisters of Battle.  I am tired of waiting for GW to bring out their line of Sisters in plastic so I decided to back these guys.

Now the campaign has been over for almost a year but they have not sent out their pledge manager yet and will still allow you to pledge if you haven't yet.  I pledge a long time ago but just today they published the render for the normal troops and I thought I would share them with you guys.

My first impression is very favorable.  While I do have a few gripes, I believe that they look great. One complaint is the need for the high heels.  I don't think the soldiers of the future will be concerned with the need to have sexy legs. This also brings us to the chest piece.

I would have gone with a single form so that shots are deflected away from the center of the chest. They way they are sculpted would draw the chot to the center.  I know why they did it and at least they are not massive like some other companies I have seen.

They come with machine guns which will pass for bolters. On top of that are some alternate weapons. I have seen a flamer, a plasma, and  what looks like to be a stormbolter.

The campaign said they will come with alternate heads so I am assuming one helmeted and one robed for each model.  I like the look of the robed head but since I can't paint faces and I think armored bodies but bare head is a silly thing (look at all my other armies) I will probably go with the helmeted head.

One thing for sure I will not be using the officer head.  I do not like the look of it at all.

I pledged enough to get two full squads of 10 as well as a squad of the jet pack group.  I think that would be a nice start of an army.  If I add some vechiles I could make a nice little force.  I will need to pick up some sore of commander to lead them but that is something to worry about later.

I plan to paint them in the style picked out for me by my wife.  I know I will keep the yellow but maybe I will use blue as the cloth.  I have some time to think about it.  I am thinking it might be next year before they finally send me my models.  I am patient and at it will probably still be before GW brings out their line.

What do you guys think?

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