Thursday, April 14, 2016

WIP: Terrain

Knowing that I might not have a cool group with terrain and tables to play with,  I thought it might be time I get some terrain myself.  I started by backing Death Ray Studio's (formerly Brush 4 Hire) Kickstarter.  While this is a good start, I still had an itch to make some terrain. So out comes the pink foam.

I watched some YouTube videos by RubbishinRubbishout (RIRO) and read  Reese's post and I think that I had an idea on what I wanted to do. I went to my local hardware store and found a 2' X 2' square of 1" pink foam for under $6.  I started to cut it up.  If I had a hot wire cutter like Reese suggests, this step would have been easier. The cheapest one I found was over $30 and I just can't see spending that money so I can make a few pieces of Terrain.  A nice utility knife like RIRO suggests did the job.

I saw some nice looking outcroppings on Miniwargaming that had this nice layered look.  I thought it might fit in with the rocks on my Skitarii bases. So I stacked up the pieces and glued them down.

With the glue drying I am getting ready for my next step. I am going to texture the edges of the pieces using some real rocks and smashing it into the pieces to give it a rough, natural looking texture as RIRO has pointed out. I was also thinking about spraying it with spray paint to melt the pieces to give it some texture.  I might try this on some extra pieces to see what it looks like.

After texturing, I plan to use some plaster or Spackle to fill in the gaps and then it will be off to the painting table.

I am happy with what I got so far.  This makes some nice LOS blocking pieces.  I won't have much in the way of ruins or forest but at least I won't have a planet bowling ball.

Questions? Comments? Hobby fun times?