Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Showcase: 3rd Kataphron Destroyer

I finally got around to finishing up you Kataphron Destroyer.  This will complete my first squad of them.  With on more squad I will complete a 1500 point list.  I still have a few other items to get so I can have some variety but, that is a story for another time...

These guys had a lot of metal to paint and not a lot of purple.  While I think they look cool, I was hoping they had a helmeted head, but these are decent.

On my next squad I think I will try to magnetize the main weapon so I can use plasma if I want. It should be pretty easy to do but when will I ever want plasma over grav cannons?  Maybe to take out armor 10 vehicles.

And there you go. Next up are some flash gitz and the last vanguard, then maybe some Tau. I can do up some fire warriors and some crisis suits to paint up.  I can also go back and paint up more gaunts. There is always more gaunts.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?