Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Showcase: Forgeworld Tyrant

This weekend I took what little hobby time I could find and finished painting the arms for the Forgeworld Tyrant.

I plan on using him as my  Prime in my local campaign, so the arms I have are some scything talons, the maw claws and the miasma cannon.

I know my claws are just a pair of crushing claws. While I think this was the lazy way out, it will do until I can make something a little bit more heavy duty. This way I have a complete model.

The miasma cannon is just the tyrannofex's cannon with the tubes altered so the tyrant can hold it.  This was my first time magnetizing a two armed weapon.While not perfect, it stays in place and looks good to me.

I still have to add in the circle base. and figure out how to blend it into the Forgeworld base. I will probably use some green stuff to level out the base and then add some rocks and flock to hide the gaps.

At least he is finished for now. This will help my opponent find him when we play since the old prime is small.  It will help them out making it hard for him to hide but if they are shooting at him then other guys will survive.

Overall, I think he is a cool looking addition to my hive and a shout out to Chris for letting me to absorb him into my hive.  Hopefully he will do you proud next time on the battlefield.  I think he is hungry for some Sister of Battle.

next up is my last Kataphron Destroyer.  Then I will go back to the Flash Gits. After they are done maybe I will look at the Tau on my to do list. It is time they get some lovin'.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?