Friday, March 25, 2016

WIP: Forgeworld Tyrant

I took a break from my Kataphron Destroyers to build and paint up my new Tyrant/Prime model.

I decided to work on the body before painting up the arm options. I once again added in the shadow color on the plates.  I think it really makes those plates stand out.  Did I go too dark?  Is it too much?  I would like some feedback.
I still have a few parts to hit, namely  his mouth and eyes.  I think I am going to cut out the tongue and just leave the mouth screeching.  I think the tongue was broken and lost before I got it and I am not sure if I could repair it even if I had it.  I could try to pin another one in but I think no tongue will be fine.

I think the tail turned out well.  I probably should have made a few more plates extending down the tail. After looking on the internet the original didn't add any extra plates so, I am going to stick with what I got. Looking closely I think I should have covered up the segments on the underside but it is not too noticeable.

I am still unsure how I am going to add him to a base.  they did not make it easy with that big pile of rocks with a smooth edge around it.  Getting it to blend into a base might be a bit of a challenge.

So there he is.  A little work on his mouth and eyes.  Add in some weapons and he is ready to lead Hive Sivak to glory.. or food... or just carnage.

Tell me what you think..

Quetions? Comments? Nom nom noms?