Friday, March 11, 2016

Kickstarter: Black Site X and Rapid Vanguard Terrain

So I have tied my hobby money up for a couple of months to back a Kickstarter. The Black Site X and Rapid Vanguard Terrain by Death Ray Designs formerly Brush 4 Hire Studios.

After talking with my wife one day, I realized there would be a chance that I wouldn't always live around this great group of guys. I might have to have people over to play if I want to get some games in.  If that is the case I would like to have at least one board to play on with some terrain.  After looking at the models and the price point I decided back this kickstarter.

At the Bundle price you get:
1 HQ
1 Barracks
2 Bunkers
3 Pillboxes

That is 7 pieces of terrain. Add in a few trees or rocks and you could have a full board.  The one thing I didn't like is most of these are 3"-4" tall with the barracks being 5"  With a riptide standing over 5" and the wraith knight and imperial knights even taller it might pose a lack of Line Of Site (LOS).

The do offer the Foundry, which is considerable taller, but it is discounted at $48 that is pretty steep considering the other kits.  I am guessing it takes a lot of materials.

I have been on the fence about MDF terrain.  I have always wanted to try some out but a lot of kits only get your a small building for $20-$30 if not more. I think this is an affordable way to build up my terrain while not breaking the bank.  it also ties nicely into the 40k feel looking a lot like the structures from the Dawn of War games.

I am looking forward to getting these kits.  When they come in, you guys will be the first to hear about how easy or hard they are to put together. These don't look as bad as some of the other kits out there.

There is only a few days left to get in on this kickstarter.  If you are looking for some nice looking terrain at an affordable price maybe you will want to join as well.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?