Monday, January 4, 2016

WIP: Skitarii Troops

Over the weekend I continued to work on my Skitarii units.  I kept most of the units the way they were modeled but, I did end up trimming off a few parts of robe to make it look a bit more natural.

Here you can see they are coming along nicely.  I have the purity seals, any lenses, and all the special weapon colors before I move on to the highlighting and washing.  Then finish up their bases and I will be done.  I will be short 1 guy since I don't have the gun for him.  He will have to wait till march.

This also arrived this weekend. I am holding back from opening it until the Skitarii are finished. I plan on making a tyrannocyte and mucolid spore with this kit.  I was thinking about making a mold of the mucolid spore head so I can field a few.  Then my conscience got the better of me and said that was stealing.  I do plan on making a few of these.  Whether it is by buying the bits, getting more Tryannocytes, finding some alternate model, or just making them myself, I do want to be able to field a few. That is a ways down the road though so I have time to think about it.

I hope you guys all have a good Monday. 

Questions? Comments?  Monday grumbles?