Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rumor: Coming this fall from GW

Hitting the rumor boards this week are some interesting kits from GW.  These kits contain models, paint, and glue.  They are everything you need to get some army men built and painted so you can play toy soldiers.

I found these pictures on Dakkadakka and they got them from Tiny Plastic Spacemen so credit goes out to them for finding it.

Looking at the sprues it looks like they have taken the orks from Assault on Black Reach and reprinted them in green plastic. I see the warboss, a couple of big shoota boys, a couple of boys, a nob, and a deffkopta.  Not quite a mob but a nice little taste.  Seeing that you can only get the old kopta for $33, getting the better version with some extra guys is not bad.

Looking at the other kits, the ork kits seem to be the really old kits that are half the size of the current kits.  If they are these old kits I will pass.  Most of the box art is stamped Mock Up so I am hopping for some newer models.  If the trukk is for the current kit or a new updated kit, it is a great deal.  The bike, whether it is old or new, is a bad price since you can get 3 for $42 in the current box.

These kits are not huge money savers but they are a nice entry point into the hobby.  They come with everything you need to start collecting without thinking about all the extra costs of  what else you would need. From what I understand these will be going into hobby stores and toy stores that don't already sell GW products.  If it can get people interested in 40k through new venues, it is a great idea.

While I am holding out for what the truck is, I doubt I will be getting any of these kits.  This is fine since I am not the target for these kits.  I see these kits are for those young kids who just want some cool army men. All they need is a hook.  Who knows, after these kits the might wander into a GW store, get a free model to paint up, some painting tips, and before we know it we have a new brother in our addiction.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?