Thursday, July 23, 2015

WIP Building my first Infinity miniature: Gao-Tarsos

My first model for infinity is the Tohaa Gao-Tarsos with HMG.  I thought this guy was one of the coolest models in the Tohaa range.  While I haven't played enough to know how useful he is in the game, I do know he will be in my army for the first few games.

The first thing I notice is how small and detailed the model is.  While I did know that both of these things beforehand it really doesn't sink in until you see your first model. all those small little fins and my big hands.  I was intimidated.

The first thing I had to do was make a hole in the base for the tab.  I really can't see me getting scenic bases and pinning my models.  I can't see me trying to drill a tiny hole in that little foot.

So after making the slot I tried to fit the model in.  Of course I mad the slot too wide so I used some green stuff to hold the model in. I remembered the next day that you can bend the tab slightly to help make it more snug but the green stuff is holding, I will just have to do some work to clean it up.

This was my first attempt at placing the arms. The right one is out of it socket so I had to break it off and reset it the next day. 

Here you can see the mess on the base that I will need to clean up.  I think I will add a few little pebbles on the base before priming.  I plan on using similar basing to my Skitarii with GW technical paint.  Should look decent. I like the some of the hex pattern tile bases I have seen, but I don't see a way for me pulling that off.  Simple bases for everyone!!

To get the wings to attach I had to resort to some green stuff. I hope I can clean it up to be presentable. then again, once it is painted, it will have my horrible paint job to help detract from the globs of green stuff.

Next up, Painting!

Questions? Comments? AROs?