Monday, July 13, 2015

Showcase: Last of the alternate Meganobz

This weekend I finished up the last of my alternate Meganobz.  I went with the blue/gold combo of my Flashgits.  I am happy with how he turned out.  I think if I decide to get some more these might be the way I go.  Though those Kromlech ones are pretty cool.
This guy looks a little larger than the others but he still fits in.  I think he also conveys the hunched look of the orks.  I would have liked the legs to me a little more dynamic but overall I like him.

If I do make a few more with these models again I think I will use the arms from the actual meganobz kit.  It will tie in the other models.  I think it looks better than these beefy arm.
This was the last of my extra power klaws. These were from Kromlech 3-5 years ago.  I might try some from spellcrow next time.

I really like the layered armor this guy has.  It reminds me of thenew Ad Mech Breacher armor.  I wonder if I could get some of that armor cheap and make some 'ard boyz.
I am not to thrilled with this gun.  I think I said it before but this was the last Shoota bit I owned.   While I have quite a few bits most are glyphs, choppas, and sluggas.  I guess I have been using my bits to their limits.

Here is a shot of the 3 new meganobs.  I still need to base them but I am just too lazy to go and buy some more basing material.  Maybe when I have all my Flashgits painted I will find a store with my basing materials.

A shot of my squad.  Might be scary on the battlefield.
With these done I plan to get back to my Skitarii.  Next up is another troop box.  I think with this one I will should have 2 small vanguard units a small ranger unit.  Should be pretty fun.

I am also looking into infinity.  They say you can get into that game pretty cheap.  I found a group that plays on Thursday and I plan on checking them out this week. 

Have a great week!

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?