Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My 400th Post!!

Back when I started this blog I never really thought it would be something that I updated regularity.  I thought that I would update ever couple of weeks.  Post some pictures of my badly painted models, rant about the newest broken army, and post stories about how excited I was about my armies getting updated.  Well here we are 400 posts later.  So, in honor of my 400th post I thought I would take out all my armies and snap some pictures.  Be warned, lots of images incoming!

First up is my favorite army, my Tyranids.

This started as a small force of some genestealers, a tyrant, three carnifexes and some hormagaunts.  Two of those carnifexes have since been converted to a tervigon and a exocrine and the swarm has grown significantly.  I still need to get a few Tyranocites before I am happy but as times change my swarm needs to adapt so we are not done here...

Next up are the Orks.

While my nids are my favorite the Orks were what got me into the game.  I started out with a Black Reach set and a killa kan made out of lego and old mechwarrior parts.Now it is the largest army I own.  The great WAAAAAGH is still growing if only the Morkanaut or Gorkanaut were super heavies...

The Tau are my newest large force.

I got most of the models second hand and are in the process of switching it over to my paint scheme.  The 2 riptides are the highlights of my army.  I love Anime Mechs and the tau have them...

Next comes the Imperial Guard.

The things I love almost as much as mechs are tanks.  With the shadowsword leading the way I have several Russes, chimeras, hellhounds, and a maticore.  I am told I should get the new wyvern but I am still on the fence. I have the two Vendettas to transport my Scions so they can get into the fight right away. The one big thing about this army is that they wear helmets.  All of my troops have had a head swap to make sure they are all protected in battle.  

The last of my large armies is the Necrons.

I started these back in 5th edition where they only had a handful of units and the army would phase out if you lost a portion of your army.  Now they are one of the top forces to put on the table.  It appears that one of my tomb blades failed it's reanimation protocol from my move so I will have to get a few more if I want to run a decurion.

The Skitarii are starting to grow.  I will need to keep going with these guys.  Hopefully by this time next year I will have a full force and will not have to rely on allies for support.

I have a few smatterings of Space Marines as well. These are the guys I could not sell when I got rid of my marines.  Mostly it is a assault squad and a few sergeants.
Lastly is my only fortification.

My Ageis Defense Line. I didn't have the base to the quadcannon anymore so I found some walking legs from Ramshackle Games to use instead. I have a Tau themed defense line in pieces at the moment, I am still planning to build a Firestorm Redoubt for my tau as well, and I am playing with the idea that my orks would like some Vengeance batteries.  These ideas are in the back of my queue but I still would like to make them.  

Well there you have it, All my 40k armies.  It has been a wild time writing all these post and I have have 68k views.  While this is a drop in the bucket for most, I can't believe so many people actually came to see my stuff.

Next up is my first infinity model then come the new Skitarii and then back to infinity.  Thanks for sticking with me through my rambings.  400 post in the books, time to start 401.

Questions? Comments?