Friday, September 12, 2014

WIP: Scions again

With the league starting up this week I thought I should work on my Scions since I was going to use them for my kill team.  After building all that I have, I noticed that I am missing a few things.

1. I want another hot shot volley gun.
2. My second melta just doesn't look right
3. I have no Tempestor (sergeant)

So with this knowledge I have decided to spend my hobby allowance on a box of Scions.  The nice thing is I get a point for buying the unit, another for building, then painting and finally basing.  So I will at least get 4 points if nothing else.

First off, I fixed the Tempestor model I had finished and game him a pistol. I need to put some paint on it and he will be ready to fight.

Next up, I built my second Tempestor and a medic if I ever want one. The gun was just too cool not to use.

Since the Tempestor model used to be my second melta I built my second melta Scion.  Along with him is my second Volley gun.

And to finish off the box I built a regular trooper

here they are all primed and ready for some paint.
With all the building finished, I got some painting done.  This part is tedious and I hate how bad they looks after my sloppy and unsteady hands can make them. With that said here are the pictures of my addition of grey highlights.

I think they will look ok once I add some wash and highlights.  I also plan on redoing the silver not sure what happened their. They look funny.

That is all I got for now.  I hope you guys have a good weekend.  I plan on trying to get a game in on Sunday. 

Questions? Comments? For the Emperors!!?