Saturday, September 20, 2014

Hobby Tip: fingernail polish powersword

Someone asked how I did my power sword on my scion so I took some pictures while I did up another one.

I used:
1. cheap glitter nail polish that I bought when out shopping for beauty supplies for my wife.
  (I like sally's they have cheap emery boards and files.) I was going to steal some from my wife's collection but we found this for a buck so why not.

2. Some sponge applicators.
We got these at CVS but you can get them anywhere they have makeup.

3. a guy with a power sword primed black or gunmetal.
first step is to shake up the polish.  then put a small patch on the pad.
then wipe on the model getting the whole blade.

The polish is absorbed quick by the pad so you don't have a lot of time. You will also need to make several passes and applications.  I tried to apply it straight to the blade but it was too gloopy. When I wiped it off almost all the polish came off. This is the best way I found to apply it.

I like the shimmer effect it has.  Now I have to finish all the other power swords I have for my guard and then get some green polish for my necrons.

Enjoy the weekend.

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