Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP: Riptide and adepticon talk...

 My Zaku model finally came in so now I have my head for my second Riptide. 

I chose not to add the throat guard on the riptide since it was in the way and looked weird on my first Riptide.  I added in some basing material.  As soon as it is dry I can base coat and go to town painting this guy up.

I haven't decided on the secondary system for this guy so I built them all.
I think I will try to magnetize them so I can switch out for the one I would like.  I guess that means drilling magnet holes into the model as well. Also these guys need to be cleaned up and drilled out.

Next up is my missile drones. 
I love these little guys.  They are ready for some painting action.

Finally we have the shield.
I was smart this time and didn't glue it on before painting.  This way I can get to the details on the arm and shoulder a lot easier.

So there he.  My second and final Riptide is ready to go. I would like to get the Forgeworld one but there are other things that are higher priority for me before getting him. 

But at £70 I think I would rather have a Gorkanaut.  He would get used more I think. At least I wouldn't feel weird fielding it in a regular game since it is Forgeworld.  I could add in a few bucks and get a Knight.  I think I would have trouble fielding one of those cheese monsters.

Talking about cheesy lists, I am starting to think about what to bring to Adepticon. I want to play in the friendly but I don't want to take my Nids again because of how freaking huge their case is. So, I was thinking maybe bringing Tau. This will do 2 things. Force me to get more of my Tau painted (man do I have a lot that needs paint!) and give me a smaller army to bring. So I have a few questions that I hope you guys can answer:
1. is a 2 riptide list considered unfriendly? I didn't plan on any Psykers allies, Missile broadsides or buff commanders to help them out but would someone groan when they saw 2 riptides staring them down?
2. If I switch over to my Necrons, is a 2 night scythe Necron list considered unfriendly?
3. My third option would be a guard list. Is 2 vendettas too much?
4. My last option is orks.  I might get away with a decent list and depending on what I bring a smaller force than nids. With Orks I could bring my grot tanks and guns if I get them built.  I think I would really want a Morkanaut if I take them but right now it is not in the budget.
Tel me what you think would be a good list. The choices I have laid out all seem fun.  I love the anime robots and the flyers zooming around.  If doing Orks I should have my kickstarted guns in by then so plus whatever one I have built. I should be ok (I hope) Tell me what you think.

Questions? Comments? Pew pew pews?