Tuesday, September 9, 2014

WIP More Astra Militarum Scion

Now that I had my test model finished I decided to do the old assembly line method for the rest of the gang.
I started out painting up the dark grey on the pants and sleeves.

I then moved on to the green armor.

I finished up the night working on the back packs, guns, antennae and searchlight.

Next up is the all the trim on the armor as well as the details on the face of the helmet.  I think these guys will look nice once all finished.  I was a bit bummed that my primer is a bit rough in areas. I guess it was pretty humid that day.

While trying to fall asleep I worked on my Scion kill team. I want the volley gun so I can use the relentless special rule.  If I had another model with one of these I would use it as well.  S4 ap3 is pretty nice.

I think I need to get another set of these down the road.  Right now I don’t really have any sergeants and the second Melta just looks silly. Really I would like a group of 4 volley guns but that is really expensive since they only give you one in a box. I just think 4 shot AP3 weapons would be handy.

Hopefully I can keep working on these guys this week and have them all painted up next by next week.  Have a great week.

Questions? Comments? For the Emperors!!!?