Saturday, September 13, 2014

Showcase: Tempestus Scion Squad.

Last night I finished up painting the Scions I just built.  It is weird that I had not finished the others before taking on these guys but they were sitting there on my station all primed and ready to go so, I finished them.

While painting, I got to the dreaded washing stage. When I am on a roll, I hate when it is time for me to wash the models since it stops the whole process for at least a half hour.

Worse than watching paint dry.
Well I got through it and finished them up.  Here are some finished looks.

Regular Tempestor, Can't all be special.

Medic ready for action.

Back of bedic

Volley gun.

Volley gun (side profile)
 The tempestor might get a little more loving. His plasma gun might get a blue wash to give a little more definition to the coils. On the other hand, I like my  new power sword effect. Thanks goes out to my lovely wife for the suggestion on using and how to apply the glitter fingernail polish.  I like the shimmer effect it has.
Tempestor with plasma gun and power sword.

Other side of Tempestor.

Melta front.

Bringing melta back.
And there you have it. 5 finished Scions.  They are all ready for battle. Next up the rest of their squad.
Have a good weekend.

Questions? Comments? For the Emperors!!?