Thursday, September 18, 2014

WIP: Dakkajet Conversion.

I know that Dakkajets conversions are so 5th edition but I never got around to doing the conversion that I wanted and I never thought I had the skills to pull it off.  Well times change and I have done some scratch building now so I decided it was time for the Ork-10 Dakkajet.

Basicly I am taking a dakkajet giving it a gatling gun out of  the nose, some jet engines off the body and a modified tail. The hardest part of this will to make believable the scratch built tail.
I took off the tail and leveled out the horizontal stabilizers.
I created the 2 vertical stabilizers (VS).
I attached the VS to the plane. I also added the Gatling gun.
I fleshed out the outside of the VS and just need to flesh out the inside.  It should not be to hard.  just tricky cutting the sheet to match the shape and work around the HS.
Next up is the engines.  I am using so engines from a tau pahrana. They seem to be the right size and don't look totally out of place. The Popsicle stick are the inside of the strut.  I plan on covering these later with plasticard.

The final product so far.  I am really loving the look.  I might just add some icons to the VS to tie in everything or maybe just paint them.  I will see after all is done. Once I get a new base coat on it everything will be tied together and nothing will look so out of place.  I hope you guys like it .   I know I do.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?