Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Addition to my armies

With the league starting back up on thursday I have picked up so important units.  The first one is a haemonculus.

Next is my new venom.  My fiend had this sprue just laying around so all I really needed was a flight stand.  A old dread base, a bit of rod, and a couple of magnets and bam! venom ready to head into combat.

Last addition to my Dark Eldar is a razorwing jet fighter.  I love this model.

Finally I have my partially completed wraiths.  Since I have a bunch of work to do on my dark eldar they will be put on the back burner along with the Stalker that I also picked up. 

So many models paint, so little time.

As a parting shot I will leave you with a new model by Wargamma (AKA Mr. Dandy)  I am tempted to get one of these and loot it for a killa Kan.

Comments? Questions? Nom nom noms?