Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Heading down a Dark Path

If you read this blog you know I have few armies.  Usually I will rotate between Orks, Necrons, and Nids with a smattering of IG for some tanky goodness.  Some might not know that I have small force of Dark Eldar. 
Back when the codex came out I instantly fell in love with 2 things: Incubi and the Jets.  I loved them not because of their rules but because of the art in the book.  the incubi were the first models I bought along with a Raider for them (since there were no venoms at the time) I also made a razorwing fighter and voidraven bomber to proxy for the real thing until GW brought out the model for one.

so I built an army with Lilth and Drazhar with all girl witches and a squad of incubi.  I had my jedi starfighter (razorwing) and F117 Nighthawk (voidraven) ready for flight. To flesh it out I got 2 more raiders and 2 squads of warriors to go in them. 

I played this army for about a month taking a lot of flack for my proxies.  I don't have the skill or patience to make something really nice so I just took the criticisms.  I knew they were bad but I wanted to use those units and the only option I really saw was to buy some eldar planes from forgeworld (and if I could buy them from my store I would in a heartbeat) but that was too expensive to do if you start including shipping.

This first month was a rough one for me.  I lost every game which is not everything but I was not having fun while losing.  So I shelved my army.   I even thought about selling them off.  I am no master painter and only the incubi and witches were painted anyway so I know I was going to take a hit... So I held onto them. 

So, after all that I get to my point.  In the new campaign that the league is starting this week I will be playing Dark Eldar. I have made an army from what I own.  A good friend gave me a venom and some scourges and I bought the Razorwing model.  (Goodbye F117, hello awesome Razorwing model)  I built the Venom and hope to build the Razorwing tommorrow to be ready for Thursday.  I will probably build the scourges this weekend and whatever else I think I will need to improve my list. 

So here is my list.

Archon - ghostplate armor, huskblade, shadowfield, combat drugs, phantomgernade launcher

9 X witches - hydra guantlets, hekatrix, p grenade, agonizer,
    raider -flickerfield, nightshield
10 X Warriors - blaster, Splinter Cannon
    raider -flickerfield, nightshield, splinter racks
10 X Warriors - blaster, Splinter Cannon
    raider -flickerfield, nightshield, splinter racks

4 X incubi -  Klaivex, demiklaives, bloodstone
    Venom -night shield,

Fast Attack
3 X Reavers - heat lance

3 X Reavers - heat lance

Heavy Support
Razorwing - flickerfield, nightshield, splintercannon
Voidraven  - flickerfield, nightshield, 4X implosion missiles

This brings me to 1849

This is where I need help.  What should I get next?    I will drop Drazhar and the implosion missiles giving me around 400 points to play with.  I think I could use some haemonculi but I refuse to use wracks or grotesques.  Plus I would like to stay away from beasts since the models are bad and expensive.  If someone suggests some better models I would be willing to try them out. I am open to suggestions.