Friday, May 18, 2012

another one bites the dust

Last night I took my Dark Eldar to league night.  I faced off against a nid army.  It had a tyrant with guards, 2 sets of 2 hive guard, 2 zoanathropes, 2 groups of 3 warriors, a malloc, 3 groups of genestealers, and a group of termaguants. 

The mission was Seize ground with 5 objectives and a spear head deployment.  I won the roll off and decided to go first.

 The deployment

Dark Eldar Turn 1
I started by moving my jets out and raiders forward.  I unleashed 2 missles from the bomber into a group of stealers but after the drift only 3 died and they passed their leadership test.  My razorwing unloaded all its missles on a group of warriors and some hive guard.  I took out 2 of the warriors and 1 of the hive guard.  Ishot at his zonathropes and his other squad of guard but only killed 1 guard.  

Nid Turn 1
He moved up his big monsters and his remaining stealers came around the corner of the building they were hiding behind. In his shooting he blew up both raiders carrying my warriors and stunned my razorwing.  He then assaulted my scourges with his remaining warrior and the stealers assaulted my warriors and reavers. I killed 3 of his stealers and he killed 1 bike and 1 warrior winning me the assault. My scourges finished off his warrior after losing 2 guys. 

Dark Eldar Turn 2
My incubi and witches blast forward 12 inches and disembark getting ready to kill some nids. The void raven launches it 2 implosion missiles at the tyrant killing 1 guard and putting a wound on the other, while the scourges shoot the tryanofex  bring it down to 3 wounds.  My warriors on the left killed the remaining guard by them.  The raider and venom shoot the other guard down.  My incubi assault the zoans and the witches go after the tryanofex. I incubi failed to wound the zoans and took a wound then ran away.  The witches failed to hurt the fex and break as well. The warriors and bikes finished off the stealers but I forgot to consolidate.  This hurt me  in his next round.  

Nid Turn 2
He rolled for reserves and nothing came in.   he moved fex closer to my venom and his zoans toward my bikes and warriors while his tryant went after my witches.  In the shooting he killed 3 bikes and 2 warriors with his zoans and the bikes break. The Tryand kills all but 2 of the witches. On the assaults the fex takes out the venom and the tryant kills the witches.  

Dark Eldar Turn 3
I maneuver my jets around.  One warrior squad falls back into the crater while the scourges jump out behind the tyrant.  During the shooting I bring the fex down to 1 would and take out the last tyrant guard.  My jets and scourges try to kill of the zoans but after 7 strength  8 or 9 shots they stood ther unwounded.

Nid Turn 3
All of his reserves came in.  the malloc tried to come up under my warriors but drifted off.  His tryant proceeded to come after my warriors in the crater and the fex went after the other group.  In the shooting phase, the Zoans tried to kill the Void raven but his flickerfield held out.  The Fex killed all but 2 warriors and then wiffed on the assault.  His Tryant killed off the warriors. 

Dark Eldar Turn 4
My scourges went after the zoans again.  While the haemonculus tried to liquidfy the malloc.  The Jets put some wounds on the tryant while my scourges finally take out 1 zoan then they assault and killed of the other.  The warriors are then killed by the fex leaving me with 3 scourges, a razorwing, a voidraven, and the haemonculus in a raider.

Nid Turn 4
He repositioned his warriors to slaughter the scourges and his fex goes for the kill on the bomber while the tryant goes after the voidraven.  He blows up the bomber but only takes off a lance and imbolizing the jet.  The malloc wrecks the raider.

Dark Eldar Turn 5
My jet kills the tryantand the haemonculus tries to fry the genestealers but failed to wound any of them.
Nid Turn 5
He tries to take down the jet with his fex but miss. His warriors wound the hameculus with the malloc finishing him off in assault.
Dark Eldar Turn 6
In my turn I shoot and kill the fex with the jet.
Nid Turn 6
Not much happening  here.  He moves around to try to get to the objectives.
Dark Eldar Turn 7
Nothing happened here.  A few missed shots.
Nid Turn 7
He takes the rest of the objectives and we end Nid 5 DE 0.  A sad day for the Dark Eldar and the nids go home with full bellies.

First of all I was not really happy with my alpha strike.  I was hoping to take out at least one unit but all I did was stir them up a bit.  Then I kept firing at the Zoans with their 3++ save.  I again should have been shooting at the big monsters.  My poor decisions cost me this game.  I also should have switched targets for my assaults.  The witches after the zoans and the incubi at the fex.  The Incubi with their power weapons had a better chance to bring down the big boy and the witches flurry of attacks would have been a better match.  The Jets did alright.  I think I will drop the void raven for another razorwing since the bomb never came into play and I could have used another cannon on the field.  Also I need to find the point for a witch leader.  Ld 8 hurt me as well as not having a power weapon in their group.

With 3 weeks to go I still feel I have a lot to learn about this Army.  Right now I would not call it a glass hammer more like a glass nerf bat.  I really exptected too much from the assaulty bits of my army and did not pay attention to what I needed to do to win.  Sure the Zoans were a threat but I could have avoided them.  I should have pumped more shots into the guys without invun shots.  it would have been so much better.  Live and Learn I guess.

Time to fire up the old cloning pods and regrow my army for next week.  Record so far. 1-1-0

have a good weekend.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?