Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Necron Tomb Blades

This weekend is the release of the Necrons second wave.  I am very upset that we still do not have the flyers.  I am very tempted to breakout my F117 nighthawk to proxy as a doom scythe untill I get my Necron flyers. 

I did it with dark eldar so we all know I have no shame.  For those of you who have not seen my model here is a pic of the real thing :)

But that is not what I want to talk about.  The real topic is the Necron Tomb Blade. Unlike the rest of the internet I like the models.  The only "driver" that I don't like is the ark driver.  I think he looks silly pointing his finger and wearing a funky hat.  I love the guys on the barge and I think these guys look cool as well.

so I am getting a box of these guys.  The problem is I am not sure I will ever use them.  they are a lot like the destroyers for a small price cut. Lets break it down.

First they are bought in a squad of 3-5. They have a 4+ save unless you pay 10pts for the 3+ The default gus is a twin- linked S5 AP - assault 1 gun. you can upgrade this to a twin-linked S5 AP4  rapid-fire gauss gun for free or a S5 AP 5 small blast heavy 1 weapon for 10pts.  They are jet bikes so they can turboboost around the battlefield.  you can give them stealth or a BS 5 for another minor upgrade charge.  

To look at the destroyers we have a squad of 1-5 but a 3+ save and a true T5.  The standard gun fro the destroyers is S5 AP3 assault 2. So, it is a marine killer. They are jump infantry so no turboboost. Their upgrade is S9 AP2 (so it has anti tank uses) but it almost doubles the cost of the regular destroyer. 

The stock model destroyer is double the points of a tomb blade but I would want to upgrade the blade to have the 3+ armor.  making it only 10 points cheaper.  If I wanted stealth as well or the particle caster we are looking at even costs.  I am not sure they are worth it.  they could be a distraction unit.... but I am not sure if it is a  distraction if they are not really a threat.  Most marines could ignore these guys and feel pretty safe.

I guess in the end I will just have to give them a shot.maybe someone out there has some ideas on how to use these properly.  If so I hope they tell me.

Until next time,

comments? questions? nom nom noms?