Monday, April 16, 2012

WIP Monday

Happy Monday people.  In between playoff hockey and more Warriors Orichi I actually got some building and painting done.  first of all I built 3 of my last 4 lootas built.  I couldn't build my last one because the sprue was missing a piece. I put in an email to GW but I am not holding my breath on getting a response.  here is a shot of my built lootas

after I built these guys up I scrounged through my bit box and built up some Burnas.  I used my last torso building these guys.  Looking through my bits I have a lot of sluggas and choppas and that is about it. Which means I am very efficient in using my bits >_<

I also bought a pack of running legs for my boys. and I built these guys up.

and lastly I built up and painted my first Iron Warrior.  Most of the time I am in a hurry to get my army men onto the table as fast as possible.  Since I decided to paint up an actual fluffy army I took my time building this guy.  I tried to get rid of the mold lines and I drilled out the barrel.  The only thing I have not done was paint the hazard stripe on the weapons..  I don't think I will do that for a couple of reasons. 1. I don't like it and 2. I don't think I could do a good job on them.  any way here are some pics of my guy.

well that is all for today.