Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Planetstrike Refused flank layout

So it is my third week defending in planet strike.  So it is time to try the classic big base with refused flank. Let’s look at the map.

Grey squares – bastions
Black bars – tank traps
Green blobs – hills (difficult terrain)
Red blobs – rocky ground (dangerous Terrain)
Grey dashes - defensive walls

So the refused flank stratagem  is 3 points so I have to have 3 bastions.   I have circled the wagons and surrounded my fort with defensive walls and I put up some tank traps to try to stop the land raider rush from the sides. 

As for a list I plan to try out the lootas again in one of the small bastions and the big guns in the other with a shoota boys mob with mek with KFF in the center.  I will add in a couple of battle wagons with boys into reserve and either some Kans or a looted wagon for fire support.  I will probably bring my storm boys to the party since I have been having fun with them lately. After all that I will need to see how many points I have left. Another group of boys would be welcome or maybe a nob squad with a warboss.  Stay tuned tomorrow for my list.