Thursday, April 5, 2012

Planetstrike Attack and defend list 1850

This week’s list is actually 2 different lists. I was asked to be ready to attack or defend today for our league Planetstrike game.  So, up first is the defender list.

Big Mek with KFF
Shoota boyz X 30 with PK nob, 3X big shootas
Ard Boys X 20 w/PK nob
Boyz X 20 w/pk nob
Boyz X 20 w/pk nob
Battle wagon w/ big shoota, deff rolla, armor plates X 3
Big guns  3 X Kannons + ammo runts
Looted Wagon w/Boom gun
Lootas X 10
Da Vulcha Boyz X 18 w/ Zagstruk

So the plan is have the shoota boyz, big guns and lootas in my bastions and the boyz in the battle wagons in reserves along with Da Vulcha Boyz and the looted wagon.  I have a comm. Relay on my bastion so my reserves come in on a 2+ on the first turn.  I have a pretty straight forward strategy.  The guns try to take out anything coming at us while the wagons try to tie up units trying to get to my base.  

Next is my attackers list.  I decided to try something different this time.  I am worried about cracking that AV 14 on the bastions.  If I can get my wangons in there I should be ok but those things usually don’t last.   

Let’s take a look:
Big Mek w/ KFF and PK, eavy armor
Warboss w/PK, TL shoota
Nob Bikers
        Nob w/pk
        Nob w/pk bosspole
Ard boyz X 19 w/PK nob
Boyz X19 w/ pk nob
Shoota Boyz X20 w/ pk nob, big shoota X 2
Deff Kopta w/buzzsaw
Deff Kopta w/buzzsaw
Deff Kopta w/buzzsaw
Da Vulcha Boyz X 18 w/zagstruk
Battlewagon w/ big shoota, armor plates, def rolla 
Battlewagon w/ big shoota, armor plates, def rolla 
Battlewagon w/ big shoota, armor plates, def rolla 

So I have 3 suicide deff koptas  and 3 squads of boys in wagons to storm the castles.  The warboss with join the tshirt save boys while the mek joins the ard boyz.  I am hoping that the Biker nobs will distract my opponent enough so that my wagons can make their way to crash the bastions. 

I have never attacked before so this should be interesting.  With 2 list written I am guaranteed not to use one so I will roll that one to next week and build another list to replace the one I am used this week.  Either way I am looking forward to krumping some stuff and planning to have a good time.  Wish me luck.