Friday, April 20, 2012

Battle summary nids vs sisters

Well, I did play last night but I did not take any pics or take any notes so I really can't do a good battle report. I will try to give as much detail as I remember.  the list I used can be found here:

I was facing sisters of battle.  He was running tanks with multi meltas on top 2 exorcists, 2 pain engines (in a squad though I didn't know this till the end of the game) 2 squads of sisters, 1 squad of dominion sisters, Uriah Jacobson (or whatever his name) and the angel chic with some jump infantry troop.

Turn one


He moved up the engines tried to shoot his exorcists but they were out of range.


I move up.  I forget to cast catalyst on my hormas and I immobilize one of his engines... which should have killed it but I did not know they were a squadron.  Shame on me for not looking at his list.

Nids 0
Sisters 0

Turn 2


Saint comes in and mishaps but just gets put back into reserves. He moves up his exorcists and his one movable engine.  His 2 exorcist put 4 wounds on my tervigon and his 2 engines roast some hormagaunts


1 squad of genestealers came in and totally whiffed on hurting his exorcist. I wrecked his healthy engine. My tervigon gets a wound back

Nids 0
Sisters 0

Turn 3 


The saint drops safely this time in front of my army. He guns down my genestealers and wipes out my hormagaunts and adds another wound to my tervigon to bring it back to 4.


the rest on my reserves come in I decided to have the genestealers go after the squishy troops this time the doom comes down near his dominions and the guants come down near his saint.  The guants shoot his saint and co but only put a wound on the saint (dang 10 wounds and only 1 failed save) the doom sucks the life out of 4 dominions and then blows up an exorcist. The hive guard tries to shoot the other one but is just short the swarm lord goes after the engine and knocks off both arms. The stealers kill one squad of sisters and kill 4 from other squad but they get away.  (I don't remember rolling the sweeping advance.  I just not into this game)

Nids 2
Sisters 2

Turn 4


Again my stealers are out in the open... his saint goes after my guants his 1 exorcist puts a wound on my tervigon making 5 wounds.  He blows away both the guants and the stealers. The multimelta ID the Doom.
I killed the other engine.


one of my tervigon makes 15 guants and gets its tubes tied. My hive guard kills his last exorcist but are out of range of his multi-melta tanks. The swarmlord cast paroxysm on the saint and charge in. he kills her but my guard fail to wound his squad. They take a wound so I win by 1 but they pass leadership.

Nids 4
Sisters 5

Turn 5


The saint comes back and goes after my wounded tervigon. His melta tanks put 3 wounds on my unharmed tervigon. He kills a gaunt with bolter fire.  The swarmlord and friends whiff on his girls and they put a wound on the swarmlord.  I lose combat and one of my guards goes down.  The saint kills the tervigon.


My hive guard move up and blast 2 of his melta tanks to bits. The tervigon regains 1 wound and the guants are just in range to charge the dominion squad.  Unfortunately only 3 get to attack and do not kill any.  He kills one and I lose another to fearless.  The swarm lord kills a few sisters but they make their leadership and we roll for end game.  It goes on.

Nids 6
Sisters 6

Turn 6


Uriah and his henchmen finally get into the battle going after my guants that are in combat with his dominion squad. The saint goes after one squad of hive guard.  Uriah kills off the guants the saint puts a wound on one hive guard and the swarmlord finally kill off the jump troops.


I brought the swarmlord back to take care of the saint while my tervigon tried to get to the last melta tank.  The tervigon fails to get there but the swarmlord kills the saint again.  We roll to go on but roll a 1.  Game over.  

Nids 8
Sisters 7

Nids win! When counting up the points last night I must have missed counting one of his units because I only came up with 7.  I really do not like playing this guy.  Either he just doesn't know the rules very well or he tries to cheat.  He uses the new sister codex but didn't bring it with him relying on army builder to tell him his rules. He also doesn't know his rules very well either.  

I don't have a problem with helping out a new guy learning the rules but when I try to explain a rule to him he gives me this look like I am trying to cheat him. I tried to keep him honest but after the 3rd time I had to check his measuring I just gave up.   It just was not worth arguing with someone who can't measure out a 2in disembark.

Over all I think my army did ok.  I still have not learned how to play a spearhead game.  It seems I am always bunched up and it takes me forever to get into combat.  The doom made his points back so I can't complain about him.  The gaunt squad was just too small to worthwhile.  The swarmlord did well.  I think though I will go with the bonesword option on the guard instead of the lash whip.  Having more power weapon attacks would help out that bunch a lot.

My bugs went home with full bellies so we are all good.  Have a good weekend.  

Questions? Comments? Nom Nom Noms?