Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nid Break!

So the 40K league ended last week and we have moved into our 3 week break.  I have decided to use  this break to bring out my Nids, and try out a couple of units that I have not tried before.

first here is my list:

Swarmlord w/ 2 X tryant Guard with lash whip

Tervigon w/ S Talons, Adrenal glands, Regen

Tervigon w/ S Talons, Adrenal glands, Regen (counts as troops)

Termagant X 11 w/ devourer, Spore

Hormaguant X 14 w/ toxin sacks

Genestealer X 10 w/ toxin sacks

Genestealer X 11 w/ toxin sacks

hive guard X 2

hive guard X 2

Doom of Malan'tai w/ Pod

So the new units are the swarmlord, the doom, and the termagaunts with devourers.  I have never ran these guys in a pod and with the big guns since it makes them pretty expensive.  I have heard good things soooo I will try them out.

The swarmlord will be interesting.  I usually run a tryant fully decked out so his cost is not bad.  I am just hoping I can get him into combat so he can tear some stuff up.  I do lose the hive commander option of bringing a troop through outflanking so tervigon coming in from the side to eat some unsuspecting unit. He does give me the +1 to reserve roll and the reroll on outflanking for my stealers so I can't complain.

the last guy I am trying out for the first time is the Doom.  I hear people swear by this guy so I guess we shall see how it goes. I am going to have to brush up on the rules for him though... If he does well I might just have to start putting him in more of my armies.

So there is my list for the next 3 weeks.  I will run it no matter what comes up (unless I cant find an 1850 game to play) after this trial run, I will evaluate each of these units and give my rating for each.

questions? comments? nom, nom, nom?