Tuesday, May 22, 2018

WIP: Cauldron of Blood

This weekend I spent a little time working on my Cauldron of Blood for the Daughters of Kaine.  This kit can can be a ride for a hag queen, slaughter queen, or a bloodrack medusa. I wanted to try to make use all three.

The first step is to build as much as possible before adding the defining touch.  the kit wen together reasonably well.  I was surprised how all the bit fit together.

Once mostly assembled there are two spots where the builds differ.  All three have different riders which I plan on placing int the cauldron itself.  It is an easy swap.  Sure the bases will look funny but I am ok with it.  The other spot is behind the cauldron.  It is either for an avatar or a mirror.

I placed a magnet under the platform and under the mirror which worked for that.  Th avatar was a litle harder.  He is just to heavy for the magnet to hold in place but if I glued a 25mm base to the avatar and the magnet to the base he stands easily.  I can even make a larger base for the smaller one to go onto and be able to field him without the cauldron.

I went with the two spearmaidens on the steps because they look cooler.  There are a couple more spikes to add on before painting.  I plan to get those on this week and start painting. 

I also want to finish my Fire Raptor soon so keep an eye out for that.

Questions? Comments? Hissssss!