Monday, May 21, 2018

WIP: Fire Raptor

Last week I was working on finishing the fire raptor.  I know it is late and I missed the deadline for it but like the hobby butterfly I am I comeback to my projects.

I finished up the teal color.  To be strictly honest, if I had a airbrush this would have been super quick and easy.  I don't so it took me a while to get the full coverage that I am happy with. Next up was the copper color.  This is primarily on the engine, hoses and vents.  I have a few spots left to touch but I am almost finishd with this color

Once these colors were down, I switched to my secondary color, purple.  I went back and forth on what color to make the gun turrets but decided to go with purple.  I might end up painting some parts of the turrets copper to break up the color a bit.

Once all this is done I have the highlighting and actual guns to paint. I plan on doing the highlights  using the drybrush technique. There are quite a few edges and I think a nice drybrush will help bring them out.  The guns will be black with the grey highlight.

The last bit will be to glue in the canopy and fix up the base.  I want to weigh down the base since the model is very top heavy.  I have magnetized the stand for easier and safer transport. The guys over at Magnet Baron have a decent kit that replaces the traditional flight stand. I also have some for my Necron destroyers and barges that I will show off when finished.

I hope that I can finish up the Fire Raptor and then switch to other projects I have been neglecting.

Questions? Comments? Cawl's will be done!