Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Showcase: Slaughter Queen

The pledge for the month of May for my Sigmar league is a hero.  I think it is a simple pledge to give the people still working on their start collecting box a little more time to finish it up.

For my Daughters of Khaine I decided to add a slaughter queen.  Seeing that I want all of my Daughters to be part creature I wanted my queen to be a medusa.  I looked for some reasonablily priced bits for the the blood sister bodies but no one was selling them.  I then looked at Reaper miniatures and found a decent looking model.

I then contimplated coverting this model with the actual slaughter queen body but since it was metal and it looked cool I decided to paint as is. I am a bit unsure of the 6 arms since none of the others models have more arms.  Then again more arms brings more slaughter.  This just helps her stand out more.

I followed my paint scheme that I did with my blood sisters with the grey skin, pink snake body, and gold metals.  I didn't try anything to exciting here.  I need to seal in the paint and hope it doesn't chip.  This is one thing I hate about metal models.

Let me know what you think.  Next up is a cryptek... or armiger ... or some hive guard.... to many choices. June will be a battle line unit.  I am looking at 20 witch elves so I should get to building those too.

Questions? Comments? Hissssssss!