Sunday, May 20, 2018

Taurox and Sorcerers Finished!

Hi All,

As I've gotten distracted by video games, and our usual game days were unfortunately delayed, it's been a bit of a slow last few weeks with painting, but I managed to get some more things done after the glorious "Predator" mud-bath project. So, I finished painting up the Taurox and two kitbashed 30k Thousand Son Sorcerers that may or may not feature in a future apocalypse game.

As you can see, I had lots to do! I ended up painting it in a similar blue grey color (The Fang, old school Shadow Grey) that matches my armored list, but without the grey and black camo portions that cover the rest of my tanks. I did include spots of black to match the rest of the armor list, but it also allows it to be used with my renegades should they need additional transportation. Also, I didn't want it to look out of place if it was super muddy but the other tanks in the regiment were not.

As I don't have a compressor for my airbrush, it's all hand painting. The actual paint is from Coat D'Arms, which makes the original white top bottles that GW used to use, it's much more liquidy I find than GW's paint, and the paint never seems to dry unless the cap is actually broken.

 Progress. I did some light sponging with silver to represent wear and tear, but no rust effects as I figured these guys would actually take care of their vehicle. Dings and dents, okay, rust, heck no.
 Mostly done, bar some more highlights.
 Looks more blue here, which I like that the color can shift from blue to grey and back again. Highlights done in "Dawnstone" essentially.

Close up of brass/gold details. Multiple layers of paint on the tracks in order to convey a 'used, but maintained' appearance.

Also, as an added bonus, here are some lovely shots of my new Sorcerers. With the lovely 'dusting' from the matte sealer :-( Any ideas how to fix that?