Monday, May 16, 2016

Showcase: Tech-Priest Dominus

This Weekend I spent some time finishing my Tech-Priest Dominus.  This will be my HQ for my Army for the Shorehammer Highlander tournament. He is pretty detailed and I tried a fe new things with him.

The power ax is done in the same style as all my other power weapons.  I swiped some of my wife's holographic nail polish and sponged it on the blade. I don't have the talent or patience to do the gradients that other do.  I find the sparkly blade usually ca convey power weapon. This one might not have the sparkles I need.

Next was the Volkite gun.  I am running out of colors to show different weapons.  I chose orange but it might just blend too well into the bornze to really stand out. Right now I have green for plasma, red for grav, and blue for haywire.  maybe I could do a grey to white look.  That might standout but will it look unfinished?  

The BLue bauble and green liquid on his back is also something new.  Normally I would just paint these gold and be done with it I wanted to try something new here.  I might go back and try to male the green stuff  look more level with the ground.  I need to find some tutorials on how to do that.  The blue guy might need a highlight to look complete.

As he is now I am happy with him.  He is ready for the field. I can now field a legal cad or allied cult army.  I just don't have to used the Elimination maniple.  One last touch I am going to do is paint the part of the ax that is not powered gold. The other purple just muddies the look.

Questions? Comments? Choom choom chooms?