Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Conventions: Shorehammer

Through the grapevine I heard about a new gaming convention in my area called  ShorehammerPimpcron from Bell of Lost Souls is hosting this in Ocean City, MD and he has a format that might be a fun way to play in a tournament.
First off, it is called a Lightning Highlander Warhammer 40k Tournament. That is a mouthful.  Basically it is a tournament where you have to use a Combined Arms Detachment (CAD) and only one unit of any codex entry is allowed.  The removal of formations gets rid of most of the crazy ways that give out free rhinos, free upgrades,  special rules, or whatever else the new formations do.

Super heavies, flyers (including flying monsters), Gargantuans, forgeworld and fortifications are also not allowed. This cuts out a lot of the other cheese that is out there like Knights (both imperial and wraith), Stormsurges and Stompas (hehe the stompa is cheese) This will make the game a lot more simple and faster to play as well.

Besides this tournament, they plan on having some other fun games going on like a gorkamorka drag race, a deathmatch arena game, and a small war band hive fight game.  All sound like fun and are free to enter.  If none of these fit your WAAC needs then they aslo have a hardcore Tournament on the second day.

The con itself is pretty much standard price.  Right now $40 with it increasing in price in June. The Highlander tourney is $5. While it is not the huge con that the nova open is, the highlander tournament reminds me of the Friendly tournament at Adepticon.  

I am very tempted to go but if I did what would I bring?


I will have to and a few units before I can field a force using the highlander rules.


Do I want to run gretchin?? bleh.


Can I field an army that stands a chance without a flying hive tyrant?


A very solid choice.  I would be "that guy."  Are they as tough if you don't use the Decurion? I doubt it. No wraith spam or warrior spam.  Could be a hard list to fight.


I am not sure how this would work.  You can bring Veterans and a platoon but can you make a platoon without duping units?  hmmm.


I don't have any Kroot or breachers so I would have to pick up a unit between now and then.  Might be cool.  Would help to force me to get some painted.

So, I have a few options to look at. I was leaning towards Skitarii since they are my new army and I have been working hard to get them up to speed.  The Tau might be fun or maybe some necrons. I haven't played either since they both got a new codex. I love my Tyranids but I have been playing them so much that my other armies are becoming jealous.  IG just seems a bit off.  Maybe I can ally them with the Skitarii and have a decent army.  I could also do a Scion ally as well... It is something to think about.

Any way I go I think that this might be a fun little Convention.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?