Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WIP: Cult Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus

After looking at my options for Shorehammer I started looking for a deal on"Start Collecting!: Skitarii" box.  I saw quite a few for ~$75 after shipping and thought I could wait till June before making a decision.  Then I found one for $65 after shipping for a charity.  I got a great deal and got to help a small gaming club.  A true win-win.
So of course the first thing I want to paint is the Tech-Priest.  No matter which list I run I will need him to be my HQ.  He has a couple of options.  I could take the base Volkite Blaster or take a eradication beamer for 15pts more.

I decided to go with the Volkite gun to give him some range.  It is multiple shots at a decent range.  It's AP is nothing to write home about but I don't think a 12" AP1 shot would come in handy that often.  I will probably park him by my dunecrawlers to try to repair them when they are hurt.

The other option is either a pistol with the burst rule (5 shots) or a 1 shot serpentia. While the pistol is short range it is free.  When points are tight I can find other things to spend 5 points on before a low strength high AP gun. Like on a 4++ Conversion Field for him.

So I went with the standard loadout for this guy.  There is a lot of detail here.  I started to block in the colors but I have a felling I am going to taking a while to work through all the details.   This guy will be pushing me to slow down and take my time.  I need to figure out how to paint up those baubles on his back.

Questions? Comments?  Choom Choom Chooms!!!