Friday, May 6, 2016

Shorehammer: Skitarii List

With the interest in the upcoming Shorehammer Convention, I decided to look at some of my armies and figure out what I need to get ready for the big day. First up will be my Skitarii.

The requirement of a Combined Arms Detachment (CAD) is a bit tough since we don’t have an HQ required for the detachment.  I contacted the team and they responded that I could use a Dominus from the Cult Mechanicum to fill that role.  Using it as my Skitarii HQ however, will prevent me from allying in a Cult Allied Detachment.  This removes half of my normal army and will make building a 1250 army a little harder.

Obviously, The Dominus will be my HQ. I will add on a Conversion Field to give him a 4++.  I don’t have one of these models so I will need to add him to my list of models I need to get.

For my troops I have Rangers and Vanguards.  I figure a full squad with three plasma for the Vanguard and a full squad with three arquebus for the Rangers.  I have come to like the smaller squads with this army but since I can only have one of each type I thought I would max out their usefulness. The added cost of the upgrades will help me reach my army goal as well. I have all these models so no extra costs here.

In the elites slot I will take six Sicarian Infiltrators.  I will give the Princeps the omni mask to give them zealot and a Phosphoenix to help soften the enemy before charging.  Giving him a Conversion Field as well will help him stay alive a little bit more.  Again I have these models so no extra cost.

Filling another elite slot will be a Sydonian Dragoon.  I have heard great things about these guys so adding one might not be a bad idea. I do not have one so I would have to add it to the shopping list. I planned on getting one sooner or later so that is not a big deal.  It just means it will be sooner rather than later.

Bringing the big guns is a full squad of Dunecrawlers.  I already have two of these guys and a third one will give me a full squad with them sharing a 4++ save until one goes boom.  I also like having three S10 AP1 blast to lie down on my opponent. I plan on giving them each a manipulator for some close combat defense.  I have been attacked too many times with no way to defend myself.

This will bring me to 1250 on the nose.  This will also allow me to get one box of Start Collecting: Skitarii for a Dominus and Dunecrawler and a Dragoon to complete the army.  That is not too bad.
I thought about dropping a Dunecrawler and adding a second Dragoon and an Ironstrider Ballistarii to the mix. This would give me some more long ranged shooting and some durability to my Dragoon squad.  The problem here is that I would have to get two more Dragoon kits. 

While I could try to get a Dominus for cheap or getting an alternate model like Nepharya from Raging Heroes or Kesetron from Hitech, I will stll have to get a model. While some converting will be needed for WYSIWYG I think they both will fill the role cheaper than the $36 GW figure. 
Doing the math I have choice Alpha which comes to around $135 without discounts and option omega at $165 before discounts (using the Model from Hitech).  This is at least 2 months of hobby money vs three months.  While I like option Alpha I think option omega is the better list.  What do you guys think? 

Either way I still have more models to buy.  This makes my hobby funds sad but it could be worse.  Let me know if you guys can see a spot where I can improve the list without adding more models to the list to buy.  Knowing I don’t have any Marines, what allies would you suggest?
Questions? Comments? Choom choom chooms?