Friday, May 13, 2016

Forgeworld Bulletin: return of the Barracuda

This friday's bulletin from Forgeworld brings us the return of the Barracuda.  I never had one of these guys but always wanted one. 

They did some redesigning with the new version.  The wing tips are up turned and some stabilizers were added to the back.  I think it is a cool design and much cooler than the GW tau flyer.
Tau Razorshark  Not as cool!
The fact that it can have a rail gun is a vast improvement.  I love having an option for low AP weapons on my flyers.  It is the reason I always fly Vendettas or Valkyries.

Speaking of the weapon load out, It has been increased.  They added more gun options as well as more drone gun options.  I think this guy will be a hand full once on the board.

So I am adding this to my wish list of things along with the barbed heirodule. While I want one, I doubt I will ever get one.  There are too many other models that I don't have to special order from England to get.  It is a beauty though.

Questions? Comments? For the Greater Goods?