Thursday, December 31, 2015

Expanding the Skitarii to Adeptus Mechanicus

As my Skitarii Army is coming closer to being finished I have taken a look at what I have and what is left to collect. I have also been playing around with the idea of adding in some Cult Mechanicus to make it a true Adeptus Mechanicus army. In particular I am looking at the Elimination Maniple.

With this Formation I will add some heavier armored units that pack a punch. The Destroyers will give me the much dreaded Grav-cannons will the Robots will give me the multi-shot AP3 weapons. I think this will be a nice addition to my army and help take some pressure off my Skitarii troops as they try to walk across the board.

I also think that these will take the place of the ironstriders. While I like the idea of the Dragoons I just don't see them doing much damage without AP2 weapons in CC. The Balistari could help out out with some lascannon goodness I think the kit is pretty expensive and the role can be filled by other units. I will probably add these in eventually but not until the core of the army is complete.

So I have updated the Road to Skitarii List on the site to reflect this new change. I lowballed an auction early on not expecting to win but for some reason no one else bid on it. So my Robots are on the way. I am pretty excited to get these Robbie the robot look-a-likes. I am eager to finish up the army and get some games in with them next year. Until then...

Question? Comments?  Dreams of electric sheep?