Thursday, December 3, 2015

showcase: Onager Dunecrawler

As promised, today I have some pictures of my Onager Dunecrawler.  This is the second one I have built.  I went a little crazy with the basecoat but overall I am happy with the results.

When building the kit, I found it hard to add the heavy stubber to the railing if you are closing the hatch.  The optics that go on top of the hatch are blocked no matter where you place it.  So I kept it off. 

I had some problems with the technical paint as well.  It crackled so much that it started to flake off. I ended up sealing it with mod podge but there were a few bare spots.  I covered these up with the grass.

Looking at the 2 dunecrawlers I think I highlighted the first one with a lighter color.  it seems to pop a little more.  I think I skipped a shade the first time.  I think the new one, while more subtle, looks better.

I was not happy with how the magnetization of my first one.  It looked fine and did the job but there were many parts and when I lost the main hub of the first tank I though I should try something different.

If you read my blog then you might remember that I wanted to do some casting.  Well the time came for me to do it.  I tried quite a few times to make a two part mold but I just couldn't get the molds to come apart.  I went through a good amount of silicon mold just trying to get this right.  I ended up just making a 1 part mold and removing the extra flash. 

The parts I made a cast of were the round mount for the guns and the emblem on the side. After painting I think they look pretty good.  I added a magnet on the inside of the crawler then just drilled a hole in the mount and added another battery.  This makes the magnetization easy and the guns are each a complete set so they are harder to lose. 

I am working on the exocrine next.  I should have a update soon for that.  It should be ready for the game day coming up. 

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