Monday, December 14, 2015

Showcase: Tervigon

Over the weekend I finished up my Tervigon.  This guy has been on my table since the kit came out in 2012 (if my memory serves me right) Here are a few more shots.

Looking at the finished model I think there are a few places I can touch up. There is a bit of tendon on the back leg that at the time of painting I decided to leave blue but now looking at it could probably be the same color that the birth sac is.

I would like to make the babies covered in goo but really don't have any experience in that so I am afraid to try.  I hear adding some water effects or clear silicon will give that look but without trying it on some test model I am unsure I want to try. If anyone knows some decent tutorials about it send them my way.  If it is something I think I can do I will try it out.


With this Tervigon finished I thing the only big monster left to paint is the Swarmlord.  I want to do some extra work on him (maybe even completely rebuild him) before I get to painting him.  I think the next big project is to fix my shrikes.   I had some made up with some gargoyle wings and some rending claw feet but I am not happy with how they turned out.  There is also the sea of guants to paint. Last on my list will probably repaint my trigon.

The trigon is painted but with the dark spray paint blue that does not match the rest of my army.  I think he needs some love if he is going to see the field.  Hope you guys have a good week.  I have a busy week for tests and studying so there will not me much from me this week.  If I don't get in a post have a happy holiday.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?