Thursday, April 23, 2015

WIP: Skitarii Ranger Alpha

Last night while waiting for the Blues game to start, I painted up a Ranger Alpha.
I decided to distinguish my alphas buy painting their coats a pale purple.  This will tie them in with the rest of the squad while still allowing them to easily standout on the table for ease of play.

I really need to get better with the eyes. it is the only think I don't like about this guy.

Now that I got the alpha figured out I need to figure out the squad destination.  I might just add a color stripe to the hem of the robe or change one of the shoulderpads.  I am worried that the hem would look sloppy and the shoulderpad might not be enough to make them standout.  I just might ring the bases like I did with my guard and orks.  It will be the easiest since I don't have to worry about marring the figure.

Also after talking to my artistic director (hi honey) The purple I was using for the robs of the standard troops was too dark. While the alphas robe was to light a middle layer (the one I was using to highlight the dark purple) looks to be just right.  This weekend I will be correcting the models I have already finished and finishing the last three that are just base coated, and I will be ready for next months purchase.  I think It will be a Dunecrawler.

Another goal for this weekend is to set up my photo booth so I can get some decent pics.  While these are not bad I think the shadows are hiding some of the detail and washing out the colors.

Until next time.

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