Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rumors: The new Knight Loadout

Over on the BOLS lounge some one has pics of the new weapons on the Imperial Knights.
courtesy of Acaelus
While I am sad that the Missile pod is just the typical 5/4 large blast  and the rocket pos is a 3 shot ork rocket I am the most dissapointed in the skyfire option.  A 2 shot 7/4 skyfire option will not bring down most of the flyers out there.  Unless you are a 2 HP AV 10 flyer I doubt it will even cause you to jink.  With an ap of4 you can't even get most monstrous creatures to jink.  I guess the Harpy needs to worry but who bring them over tyrants anyway.

I now see what they did to make the fist interesting.  Now we get to throw things around after blowing them up, cute.  I think I would take the chainsword if I had the option.

I think the Gattling cannon is a nice edition I think I would take the 12v shots over 2 large blasts most of the time.  I think it has a better chance to wound a Wraith knight and wraith guard which are its biggest threat on the field these days.  It has rending as well so it could in theory hurt some terminators. I guess time will show if these will be a nice edition to an army. 

For me, I am in no rush. I might Just hold out for a Forgeworld Acheron or other knight.  Just to get something a little more unique.  More thank likely I will just stick to my shadowsword for my Imperial super heavy.  It might not be the new coolness but I already own it. 

Questions? Comments? Knight! Knights! Knight!?