Thursday, April 2, 2015

The leaks continue...

Today we get more leaks about what to expect from the new codex: Skitarii book. Leaks found on Faeit 212Dakka Dakka, and the Bell of Lost Soul Forum

First I want to talk about the Force Org Chart (FOC)

This seals up the question about having an HQ unit. Loads of options but no HQ in sight.  People are saying that the actual AdMech will have units but with all the Eldar rumors flying around it might be a while before that come out if ever.  It is kind of odd but not unheard of.  With a small codex of an elite force I can see not having special characters in it.  Let one of your sergeants lead the army.  At least he will have his squad to help protect against slay the warlord.

Also the army get the scout rule.  This will help close the gap between you and your prey making sure you have range with the 18" guns and giving you a chance to get the turn 2 charge.

Speaking of warlord traits, they also got leaked.

eternal warrior
makes a weapon master-crafted (but no relic)
12″ reroll pinning, moral, fear
overwatch with BS4
reroll failed fnp + x

I like shrouded and overwatch the FNP one is decent but need to know what the +x means for that one. 

Looking at the relics leaked 

reroll mysterious objectives
zealot USR
at I1 every unit in base contact makes a T test or suffers D6 wounds without armor saves.
Phase Taser, unsaved wound causes I test or ID
Pistol with minor effects
Skull of Elder…Effect xx

Someone on Dakkadakka said that the pistol was a poison 3+ gun.  None of these say take me I like the I1 special attack but that assumes your warlord would stand up in combat.  I am curious what the Skull does.

Lastly, before we talk about the dunewalker we have the Doctirnes.  These are interesting.  They say at the begining of the turn you choose one of the 6 options. 

WS+2/ BS-1
WS+3/ BS-2

I like this. This means your first turn you can have some BS 7 guys to make sure you are hitting things. later in the game when you close in you can use the WS+3 to give you an edge in the fight. I am not happy with this really, If I don't have to chose one I won't before I start taking away my BS.

Finally, we see the Dunewalker.

Looks like this guy has a skyfire variant and a regular variant. Hre are the weapon loadouts.

Icarus array (only for Dunecrawler, but NEED!): Daedalus missile launcher: heavy 1 7/2 48 "skyfire + gatling rocket launcher: heavy 5, 48 6/4" skyfire, ignores cover + icarus twin autocannon: heavy 2, 48 7/4 "skyfire, interceptor, twin-linked.
Eradication projector (for Dunecrawler, Stan May-Armament): 0 "- 9": 10/1, 9 "- 18": 8/3 blast, 18 "- 36": 6/5 large blast
Neutron Laser: 48 "10/1 blast, concussive

They also have a shiled that starts at a 6++ but can get up to a 4++ if they are nead others with the shield.  Dang thank makes me need 3. Hopefully it is not an $80 kit. While the crawler is not my favorite looking vehicle I don't hate it either.  I like the look of the chicken walker better but these guys are fun too.  With the Sentiniel top, it ties it to the Imperium but the legs link it to the defiler.  Maybe it gives a nod the origin of the chaos walker.  Makes sense to me.

I think I would do 2 ground 1 skyfire loadout. I am sure it can me magnetized so I would be able to play around with it. I think the Laser is the way to go for the ground weapon.  10/1 at 48" is pretty cool.

With all these rumors flying about I think my days of fence sitting are over.  army count is back up to 6 (sigh)

Question? Comments?  77 65 20 73 70 65 61 6b 20 69 6e 20 68 65 78 20 63 6f 64 65s?