Thursday, July 31, 2014

WIP: Mek Bike Work Complete (Mostly)

I  had some spare time to finish up my Big Mek on bike conversion.  I am a bit proud of him.

First of all, I still want to put some rivets on the front wheel and on the back assembly.  I am not sure if I want to add a different head.  The current one is glued in place and I would have to snap it off to add in a different one. I really don't have a better head for him, so I think he will keep this head. I also need to go through my bits and see if I have a mek banner in there somewhere.  If do, I can add that to the bike to make it stand out more.  (Not that I have a bunch of custom bikes. )

He might be a little big so I might get accused of modeling for advantage but that was not my intent.  I will inform my opponents that I will only measure from the bike frame that way the extra front tire and side tracks will not count for the Kustom Force Field.  I think that would be fair. In the end, I was just trying to get some armor and toughness for my mek. The extended range was just a perk.

I am really happy with the front wheel and if I do any more conversions (I am looking at you rocket buggies) I think I will keep on using them.  I think my scratch building is improving.  Next up lobbas.

My next step will be to prime him up and slap some paint on him. I am excited to see him finished.

Thus ends Ork Month I went 1/2/0 with them.  Losing to a Baneblade and another WAAAGH.  It is time the new Nids finally. From one horde to another. Maybe I should have spread them out a bit.  Oh well. As always I wait for your...

Comments? Questions? Dakka dakka dakkas?