Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Continuing the build.....

So I am determined to build my very own mek gun if only with a cannon.  Here is what I have so far.

Sure the sides need som snazzing up and I need to add some rivets.  In the end I not ashamed of it .  I will be proud to use it on the table as a mek gun next to my other creations and the one mek gun I did purchase.

I also found some mini's from Curious Constructs that also might work.  Sure they are not so orky but they would get the job done.

They also are going to be doing a kickstarter that looks aimed at us orky players.

I think I would love this chassis with some meck legs on it like this guy.

I think it would be great fun!  It probably would still be cheaper than to go with the new GW kit.  It is just so expensive. 

However I will do it after looking at all the options these guys will be fighting with my lootas and battlewagons for a spot on the field.  I have been looking at that book and trying to figure out a decent list with what I have.  My next post will be my first list with the new book.  stay tuned!