Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Ork sneak peeks!

Over on Grot Orderly they have some sneak peaks of this weeks White Dwarf with more orks.  Thank you guys. 

First of all are the Mega Armored Nobs as we can see in this little picture.
There are other stuff like the Ghazghkull supplement, battlewagon, trukk, and dread mob. I doubt I will get any of these right away.  I am predicting that meganobs become troops in that supplement.  While we are talking about supplements the coming next week part of the book says there is a red waaagghhh coming out.  This leads me to suspect that  there is another supplement for speed freaks where bikes are troops. 

Really seeing all these supplements is a bit disheartening.  I guess I shouldn't be shocked.  Every codex has supplements.  Orks shouldn't be left out.  I know I will get the main one and just go from there.  I liked the Tyranid ones since they were cheaper and you didn't have much to buy if you only wanted one of the dataslates.
I am not a big fan of the new mega nob kit either we saw them before.  What we didn't see is the teleporta gun. 
I am not sure about this.maybe the rules will make it a must geat but if I want my megnobs to have a Mek  with them I might just get one of these:

If I am going to pay $60+ I want them to look cool. I could probably take one of these guys and make a mek or I bet Kromlech will have one of theig own soon.  Or I could just buy a mek from ebay and save me some cash. I know some one will buy a kit and sell the bits.   I already have 5 mega nobs so they are not a high priority for me to get.

Well that is about all.  It is almost time for the codex to come out so I will be pouring over that to try to figure out a viable army.  It looks like the Heavy Support is going to be pretty full. 

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?