Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WIP: Scratch built Mek Gunz

After seeing the price for the mek gunz I thought I might try my hand at scratch building my own. I have not tried to do a lot of scratch building.  I did a couple of big gunz using the extra battle wagon pieces and some Tyranid conversions oh and my very own battlewagon.  All of these are what I call passible.  I hope that the more I do of these the better I get.

After looking at the new guns I am leaning toward the tractor gun or the smasha gun. 


Either way the base is the same so Now the fun begins.

Here is a sketch of my smasha.  I have some tires and fenders from ramshackle games.  the same one from my earlier big gunz.

here are a couple parts of the smasha gun.  I am happy with them.  Also here is the blast shield for my grots to hide behind.

It needs some rivets and it is ready.

That is all I got for now. Next up is a frame work. to start attaching parts to.  

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?