Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Soapbox: Big Guns are now Mek Guns

Over at Grot Oderly  He has pics of the new Mek Guns and Shock Attack gun. Also I have seen the prices for these kits. It is sad that they are going to cost so much.

We have seen a few of thesegun in the how to paint series.
Now if it was $46 for all 3 of these I would not complain.  I would buy 3 -5 boxes and me happy but no I am lead to believe each cannon is $46.  GW has priced them out of my reach.  If I am going to build these I am going to scratch build them.  Just when I thought that the flash gits were expensive they drop this on me. Maybe I am over reacting.  Maybe they will put 3 platforms in a box. Only time will tell.

Looking at them, I notice that they are much bigger than the old artillery units.  So my own Scratch built ones I was working on are not going to work. They will have to be beefed up.  Hopefully I can figure out something. Maybe at adepticon there will be a class on scratch building.

In other news we have the shock attack gun.  I never had one and I am sure I will not get one now.  I will keep my Mek with Kustom Force Field or Warboss HQ.  The shock attack gun is just too unreliable of a weapon. For $35 I could buy part of these guns,,,, sigh.

I guess in conclusion I will not be adding a lot to my horde this upcoming release.  GW has seen it fit to price me out of the market.  I still have tons of boys, battle wagons, jets, kans, bikes, and koptas so I have plenty to work with.  I just wont get any of the new toys. Just like with my IG I mean Astra Militarium.

Maybe Sorien over at Warhammer 40k Orks will have a tutorial on making these guns.  He is a master at plasticard and building ork stuff.  Another option is maybe some one like Kromlech, Puppets War, Mantic, or Chapterhouse will make a cheaper alternitave.  I think I would be willing to pay $15-$20 for one.   Heck mantic already has one for $20.
Mantic's Lobba. it has a big laser option too Dang I am tempted

I am still waiting for the new codex.  Hopefully there will be some fun stuff.  Maybe a use for Komandos again. I am hoping they don't nerf the stormboyz.I hope that Zagstruck, Mad Doc, Snikrot, Baddruk and maybe even Ghazghkull himself might all fall away since they are all finecast models and GW has taken away some of these options for us.

 Either way I will have fun with my ork.  Big guns or not I will continue to WWWWAAAAAGGGGGHHHH! my way through some games.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?