Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mek gun take 2...

I decided to give scratch building a mek gun another try.  Everyone says these guys are where it is at. Especially the lobbas so here I go.

First I made a prototype from cardboard.  I wanted to go with a little more angular look than my previous box look.

After that, I went to work cutting out the parts in plastic.

Here is when I ran into problems.  I am using a thinner sheet of plastic.  This is a different type than the last one and does not play well with the plastic glue.  I think the surface might have a finish on it preventing the glue from working.  I had some other glue that seems to work.  I think I need to switch to some superglue but at the moment I am out.
here you see the side shields assembled and the wheel wells waiting for assembly.  once they are together I can add the wheels and the rear stablizing arms.  Add in a grill and some decoration and this carriage is complete.

Let me know what you think.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?