Tuesday, July 22, 2014

WIP: Big Mek on bike.

With the new book we now get an option for a big mek on bike with a kustom force field (KFF) or shock attack gun. While the shock attack gun seems funny, I want a KFF on a bike to help wit hthe 5++ save.

The Bike gives him T5 and a 4+ armor so he is more survivable. Plus the twin-linked dakka guns are an extra bonus.

First off I had a Deffkopta sitting in my bits bin.  I also had some tracks and an old weedy little bike. I decided to make a front tire and forks for the wheel.
I have the rest of the tracks to add and I am thinking some rivets both on the side of the tire and on each track. 

Then I trimmed off the extra parts off the deffkopta.
I figured that I would use the rotor assembly as the KFF add in some wires and paint up the center lie a power source.

I mocked up how it will look after assembly.
I think I will change the head as well to give it a more unique look and maybe a mek banner.  The hard pars will be adding the tracks without looking slapped on.

I will find some time to work on it in the next couple months.  Seeing that July is almost over I will probably not get in a game with them again.  Next month will be my Nids.  The first time I get to use their new codex.  I can't wait to try out the artillery formation.

Questions? Comments? Dakka dakka dakkas?