Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tyranid rumor reactions -HQs

Well there have been an avalanche of rumors since the last time I talked about them. I found mine at HE had them broken up by unit type so let's do the same. Today I will focus on HQ's

* Tyanid Prime (Plastic Clamshell): Larger Warrior with a 4 pronged headcrest, additional shoulder plates that interlock down over part of the chest, armor is sharper and extends outward with slight upward curve. "Looks like you could impale a Guardsman on its back." Is on foot with Devourer and Scything Talons. Compatible with Warriors and Ravener kits for other weapon options.
* Parasite of Mortrex (Clamshell package)
* "Big Bug": Larger than Tervigon, stands on oval base, hunched over, but wider. $115 USD
* Tyrant Guard: Share a kit with Hive Guard. come with full options for both units.

So the Prime and the parasite finally get their own model. I like the sound of the Big Bug but with that price range it better be cool looking or else I won't have one. I only have one Tervigon model because I hate the look of it. I created scratch built versions of both version of the kit and still use them today because how ugly the GW model turned out. I hate the bio titan look. Give my Monster bulk!!

"Big Bug":
* 18" Synapse,
* Mastery Level 4,
* "Prime Version" grants Feel no Pain and Counterattack to Tyranids in 12".
* Stat line like Tervigon, but A2. Has Shadow in the Warp.

Interesting. I like what I am hearing. A feel no pain bubble is much better than catalyst. Probably will cost 300pts or more though. It almost sounds too good to be true it sounds like a bit of wish listing. If it is not too ugly I will get one.

* +1WS, -3BS, +1S, +1T, +1W, -1A
* 12" Synapse
* Mastery Level 2
* Brood Progenitor
* Shadow in the Warp
* It Will Not Die
* Spawn Termagants
* Can upgrade to spawn Tervigons with full options but for a steep price.
* Must take one of the following: Scything Talons, Piercing Talons (+1 Strength), Crushing Claws, Spore Field
* May take Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Acid Blood, Toxic Miasma, Regeneration

Pretty close to what it was. We will see how it turns out. I hope it still shares toxin and adrenal. I do like how it gained it will not die. Again more wish listing.

Hive Tyrant:
* +1BS, +1S, +1T, +1W, +1I, +1 A;
* Mastery Level 3,
* Comes with: Bonded Exoskeleton, Bone Sword, Lash Whip, Scything Talons.
* New Rules: Overlord: +1 to movement & charge distance for the army as long as he's alive; Shadow in the Warp: -4 to enemy psychic tests within 12"; Leaderless: Death of Hive Tyrant causes S4, AP- hits to all units within 12".
* May take a second set of Scything Talons (free), replace Scything Talons with Heavy Venom Cannon, Stranglethorn Cannon or Twin-linked Death Spitters (S5, AP4, Assault 4)
* May purchase Adrenal glands, Toxin Sacs, Acid Blood, Implant Attack, Toxic Miasma, Regeneration, Alpha Regeneration
* May also take up to two of the following: Armoured Shell, Wings, Spore Field (-1BS to enemy when they shoot at model), Psychic Shield (4++ Invulnerable Save)

I like the bonus to all the stats but the thing I see that I have been dying for since last codex is the 4++ invulnerable Save. If there is one rumor I want true it is that one. The +1 movement and charges sounds fun. This would make the Raveners and shrikes move 13" and assault a max of 13" giving them a 26" threat range. First turn assaults are back!!!

* +1WS, +2S, +1T, +1I, 2+Sv/4++
* Mastery Level 4
* Weapons and Biomorphs: Bonesabres (challenge weapon), Armoured Shell, Psychic Shield
* 18" Synapse range
* Swarm Leader: Gives 1 unit Rage, Fear or Feel no Pain
* Undying Beast: Eternal Warrior
* Blade Parry: +1 Attack for every model in base contact, at I7
* Shadow in the Warp
* Painful Loss: When model dies ALL models must take an unmodified leadership test (including those in Synapse), for each point they fail by is how many wounds the unit suffers.

Ah the swarmlord. Not sure what a challenge weapon is but I see he now has the 2+ save I hope the 4++ is all the time now and of course eternal warrior is helpful. A regen roll would be nice though but beggars can't be choosers.

Tyranid Prime:
* +1S, +1W
* Weapons and Biomorphs: Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Implant Attack
* 6" Synapse (increased to 12" when in Apex Brood? Some differing rumors here).
* Apex Brood: Prime may take a single retinue of "Apex" Warriors, Raveners or Shrikes. They receive +1WS/+1BS/+1T and automatically pass Look out Sir! rolls while the Tyranid Prime is attached to the Apex Brood (Apex Brood is 5-10 points more expensive per model depending on the unit).
* Hunter-Killer: Enemy Characters cannot refused challenges from the Prime.
* Shadow in the Warp
* May take: Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Regeneration, Psychic Shield
* Fluff now details that it's designed to be the perfect warrior, created to fit any battlefield and seek out and enemy commanders while supported by specially evolved broods.

Nothing about taking wings. I doubt I will use these if all the other rumors are true my HQ slot will be full with a tyrant and new big bug or tyrant and swarm. I never really liked the prime to begin with so I guess I am really biased.

Parasite of Mortex:
* +1WS, -3BS, -1S, +1T, -1W, -1A
* Jump Infantry
* Weapons and Biomorphs: Unchanged
* Special Rules: Unchanged

I have tried him out and with these changes I doubt he will ever see the battlefield again. He is too expensive for what he can do.

Hive Guard:
* -1WS, +1S, +1T, -1W
* Unit 1-3 Hive Guard
* Infantry (Character)
* Weapons and Biomorphs: Rending claws, Scything Talons, Bonded Exoskeleton
* Special Rules: Instinctive Behaviour - Feed
* Blind Rampage
* Rage
* Shield Wall
* May take: Lash Whip, Bonesword

I am guessing they mean tyrant guard. I don't like that they lost a wound and a ws. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Mycetic Hive Node:
* Bought by HQ Models (Hive Tyrants: 1-3, Else 1)
* No transport capacity
* Provide Synapse
* Can be configured to give units in range poison, shrouded, or terraform the surrounding terrain (makes it Dangerous Terrain)

Well they finally made a Mycetic model so now they want you to buy 6 of them. I love the shrouded rule but I don't know how many of these I am going to pick up. If they are $50 or more a pop I might not get any and start walking everyone onto he battle field.

Well, That is all for the HQ's. There are some nice rumors out there I am hoping that I finally get my invuln save for my Tyrant. I am tired of him just disappearing after a few plasma shots.

Next up is Elites.

Questions? Comments? Nom nom noms?