Wednesday, September 25, 2013

On the move...

As some of you know I am leaving my current area (Metro East of St Louis) and heading to the Buckeye State.   I am hoping to find a place in the Dayton area for my bugs to infest.  I found a shop called Epic Loot that runs a tournament once a month.  I hope that I can catch a pickup game or two during the off weeks. But all that is in the future. The topic of today is the move itself. 

If you read  this blog you know I have been thinning out my armies.  I got rid of my eldar, dark eldar, Grey Knights, Space Marines, Space Wolves, and Chaos Space Marines.  This leaves me with my Tau, Tyranids, Necrons, Orks, and Guard. I store each arm in a big rubbermaid bid but most of them have spilled into a second bin or are just loose in foam or a box.

With these tubs are a tub of terrain, a couple tubs of bits and a tub of tools.  It is shocking the amount of 40k stuff I have.  I always thought I was a casual player just hanging out and not getting to deep into the hobby.  But now I step back I see I am deeply ingrained.

I talk tactics. I write this blog.  I have been a judge at a local tournament.  I build, paint, model, modify, scratch build units for my armies.  I have points memorized so I can build lists while I am on the road. I don't think I can claim to be a casual player. Acceptance is the first step.

So as I move on and leave the ever growing 40k home of Fantasy Books and Games.  I hope I can find a new home. The next few months may be to hectic for me to post but we shall see.  I will try to keep my experiences posted. I will post some of my WIP if I actually get to work on something. And if all the latest rumors are false and the bugs do come out in November you know I will be putting my $.02 in.

Until next time....
Kitty is hungry. Nom nom nom!

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